Behind the Fence Bed & Breakfast
Brandon, Florida (813) 685-8201

Innkeepers Larry and Carolyn Yoss
welcome you to Behind the Fence.

As Owner/Founders since 1992, we strive
to provide a warmly historical experience.

Guest Reviews & Comments:

Great old world country charm. Absolutely great innkeepers. Convenient location close to everything. Very peaceful lodging. If you like antiques and old world architecture this is the place for you.

The kindness of strangers is reflected well by the owners Larry and Carolyn Yoss. Excellent attempt to turn back the clock to reflect what is probably a very realistic look at how life was a few decades in the past. This was not the style for the poor or the well to do at that time but represents what we would call the middle class of the past... for a real family. Not for everyone, since it is a bit rustic with antiques. Nice change of pace.

I really liked this place. Never seen anything like it in Florida: An authentic New England-style salt-box on an oak-shaded property just outside of Tampa. It's full of antiques and the proprietors are warm and welcoming. I stayed in the cottage by the pool, which offered ample space, a claw-foot tub (my one complaint: no stopper), modern amenities tucked away in a wardrobe, and a cozy porch to while away the hours.

During breakfast in the main house, friendly proprietors Carolyn and Larry Yoss happily chatted away about how they came to build the structure, and how it came to be populated with so many antiques.

I should warn potential visitors that just about everything here is really old, and even the stuff that's not looks old. The proprietors take care to make everything look authentic, and many of the fabrics are unbleached cotton, which means they look yellow. A rigorous white-glove inspector might turn up a trace of dust here and there. So if you're the type of traveler who likes everything to be shiny and new, maybe take a pass on this one. But if you like the feel of stepping back a couple centuries in time without sacrificing modern amenities, you might be onto something.